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Global Sports and Fitness Wearables Markets are Expected to reach $14.9 billion by 2021 : Acute Market Reports

Acute Market Reports announces that it has published a new study Smart Wearables,  Sport and Fitness:  Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2015 to 2021.  Next generation smart wearables leverage better technology, they support high quality data gathering in the specific sport or activity in which they are being used.  Devices are highly targeted to specific situations.

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The wearables technology is evolving:  better data gathering, better reliability, better navigation, better ability, better analytics to turn data into information are provided.  Wearables are useful for measuring the effect of different activities on performance.  Devices are useful for measuring different levels of personal effort, swing a bat, running a mile, carrying a football, enduring a hit to the head.    Affordable, useful wrist wearables are available with a increasing number of data collection functions.   The study has 565 pages and 228 tables and figures.

In sports and fitness  technology, it is not about what data can be shown, it is how meaningful the data is in terms of improving athletic performance or managing overall personal fitness.  Wearables have become fitness and sports personal devices.  They bring big data, enough data that it can be turned into actionable information.

Devices are being used by athletes and coaches to make team members better players.  Fitness devices are being used to increase the levels and qualities of exercise. Whether it is an UP band or Zepp, vendors have been forced to realize that people need interpretation of data,  they need to know the meaning of data collected by the wearable.

Wearable technology is poised to affect the way any game is played by professionals, shifting sports more than anything has ever done before.   Sports and smart technology are poised to give teams that are early adopters significant competitive advantage.  Professional sports teams and professional athletes are early adopters of wearable sensors, driving market growth.

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The professional athletes have the money to spend of development products.  They have the most to gain from athletic performance improvements.  Within the wearables industry, there seems to be a big market for professional athletes who need that edge over their competitors to stay in the game.

Sports wearables consist of sensors, tracking devices, and software apps that implement sports analytics Sports Analytics:  Performance Devices, Watches, Sensors, And Wearable Apparel Technology Brings Wearable Technology for Sports.  This Revolutionizes Athlete Performance Analysis Leading To Training and On Field Play Improvement And Presages Changes In Team Composition.

Performance watches, sensors, and wearable apparel technology are bringing massive changes in sports, changes in how the game is played, how the the teams and athletes are managed.   Wearable Technology for sports revolutionizes athlete performance analysis and ultimately brings on field play improvement.

Recreational fitness consumers and corporate wellness programs are also target markets.  Wearable technology and analytical software revolutionize sports and fitness training, implementing performance improvement and injury prevention

Sports analytics: is evolving beyond on field ply analysis to biometrics analysis.  The ability to analyze joint, muscle, heart, respiratory, cadence, and endurance parameters of the athlete or ordinary user is significant.  In addition, the swing of the bat or the racket can be analyzed.

According to Susan Eustis, leader of the team that prepared the study, “Wearables represent a multi-billion dollar industry.  Within the wearables sports and fitness analytics industry, growth comes from professional athletes and teams that need to achieve an edge over their competitors and from consumers wishing to gain performance advantage in their routines by imitating what the professionals do.  Performance can be improved, coaching can be improved using wearable tracking devices.”

Smart wearables for fitness and sports forecasts indicate that the evolution of smart devices is in the context of smart phone adoption going to 9.5 billion by the end of the forecast period.  The ability to offer sophisticated analytics for the wearable devices is what provides sophisticated application capabilities.  Apps are further evolving to provide tracking of motion and help provide mastery of various techniques for mastering some aspect of sport or fitness.

And with professional athlete adoption of wearables, comes semi professional and amateur use of the devices.  Fitness adoption is from all these categories of users.  Fitness devices are used to promote exercise in hopes of improving overall health.

Sports Performance Wearables and Sensor Devices: Market Driving Forces 41
Wearable Technology Uses Biometric Sensors 44
Wearables: Fitness & Sport Tech 46
Wearables Market Shares 47
Sports Performance Wearables: Market Forecasts 48

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1.1 Professional Sports Teams Using Wearables 50
1.1.1 Fabric Sensors 50
1.2 Wearable Sport And Fitness-Related Monitoring Devices 51
1.3 Wearables Impact Coaching at the Professional Level 52
1.4 Catapult NBA Sports Player Movement Data Example 53
1.5 Wearables: Intersection of Personal Technology With Health, Fitness, And
Sport 55
1.6 Sports Apparel Business Constraints 55
1.7 World Economy 59

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